AstroStrategist- Hirav Shah
  • Opens the door
  • Triggers mind
  • Gives stable thought
  • Blocks barriers
  • Focuses growth
  • Strategy that works


HIRAV SHAH is an Astrological Research Professional – Analyst – Strategist.

Also known as a Celebrity Astrologer-Numerologist.

Ace corporate, Entertainment & Politics astrologer, Hirav Shah, has engaged with public listed companies to–small, medium and large scale to reigning superstars in India as well as overseas. He has created a niche for himself by giving customized consultation to high profile clientele belonging to specific segments like Business, entertainment, and corporate, not just in India but overseas too.

Sports business industry loads on winning. The only driving force is winning on the field. Day by day sports leagues, players, and programs are under increased pressure from high expected B side. It’s become hard for sports people to tackle on all fronts from revenue generation to fan expectations, from boss pressure to media questioning.

Even after giving 100 %, you lose in unprecedented competition.

Even after giving 100 % luck factor remains to be catered. Hirav’s Sports policy starts from here.

International Players, teams, League, Team Owners, Boards, Sports Media, University or State or National Players, Team officials, Sports Business entrepreneurs, Capitalists etc are using his services.

Hirav being a national level sportsman and graduated in Music is well aware of the rhythm, challenges faced by team, players, owners, Sports entrepreneurs & media houses. He offers unwavering moral, strategic and of course an astrological support to all your challenges. Hirav being an engineer is very much technical in his application part. And has a greater level of understanding towards pressure, challenges and consistent performance. His counsel sparks your mind to more gainful thinking patterns.

Hirav expects your 30 minutes to understand your own sports challenges and six months of your life for OHHH Yeah effect !

Sports-astrologer helps you warm up to your potential.

Sports-astrologer expects your talent to reach its peak.

It’s all about giving


on a game day

Who uses Sports-Astrologer?

Unlocking the door to realizing true potential.

International Athletes, Sportsmen, National players, First class player, University players, League players

Whatever level they are at as a coach, athlete or sports professional. Astrology program gives you a feeling of discovering a new state of joy. You will start experiencing difference between your earlier state and current state.

Astro Play

  • Deliver with great impression
  • Performance play
  • Unique perspective
  • More control over game
  • Endorsements
  • Spirit of game
  • Honesty in game
  • Focus and power
  • Branding
  • Image Building
  • Merchandising

Being on the right side

Government, Non-governmental governing bodies, Committees, Sports Professionals, Team managers, League management,Sports administrators, Tournament designers

The best and most successful sport organizations rely on recruiting, developing and retaining the best sports professionals, team managers, league management and sports administrators or to design tournaments. If you are looking to improve your people’s management or leadership skills, Astrology can put you on right direction to take right decision on right timing.

Astro Play

  • Right decision making
  • Design tournaments
  • Right management
  • Venue location
  • Adopting new era
  • Effective implementation of the policies
  • Promoting, training and honing the players of deserving candidature
  • collaborate and co-operate with the institutions effectively

Owning an elephant is no joke

League Owners, Team owners, Other stake holders

Nothing is more important than your brand. Creating and building a brand that builds and sustains trust is what we do. When, where and how are very important questions for any League itself or as a League owner. Its for making brand, media buying, marketing, public relation or social media. The cost of doing business continues to rise, while revenue flows are under constant force. Astrology can gives guidelines and help you to achieve as per your desired potential for the same.

Astro Play

  • Paying attention to all messages
  • Understanding future state
  • Right decision making
  • Dealing with narratives
  • Walking a path of infinity
  • Right management
  • Effective implementation of the policies
  • Choosing the players of deserving candidature
  • Collaborate and co-operate with the institutions effectively

Identify anticipate satisfy profitably

Venture capitalist, Endorsers, Marketers, Talent managers

Any fitness or active lifestyle brand for footwear, apparel and accessories, Fitness Studio or related to healthier life, need lots of investments and less clarity of getting success. Rather its Business to Business or Business to Consumer. Maximizing of profit, sales revenue or increasing market share, Astrology can give and help best guidelines to create and use of opportunity with less hurdles.

Astro Play

  • Right endorsements
  • Keeping eye on right rewards
  • Honest value additions
  • Deliver with great impression
  • Right management
  • Effective implementation of the policies
  • Right positioning
  • Selecting the players of deserving candidature
  • Decisions that translate to sprouting new growth
  • Collaborate and co-operate with the institutions effectively

Resonate with audience

Sports Channels (TV, Radio, Digital), Media people, Sports Magazines

Sports based Media or Magazine, Channel, Radio or digital. You need right contract, right ROI model and right resources to cater your vision to next level. Astrology based analysis and strategies can play major role.

Astro Play

  • B to B, B to C and C to C development
  • Adroitness, resourcefulness in creating substance
  • Right plot lines, narratives
  • Deliver with great impression
  • Right interviews
  • Effective implementation of the policies
  • Right positioning
  • Selecting the players of deserving candidature
  • Decisions that translate to sprouting new growth
  • Collaborate and co-operate with the institutions effectively
  • Effective building story
  • Structuring Geographical expansion

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