Because Focus is Relative

Your planning on a game-day Few statements

[] I don’t wear a lucky jersey.

[] I don’t believe in having my favorite number.

[] I sit in different chairs with different posture.

[] We launch new ads only on Fridays.

[] We sign new celebrity every year a day before Christmas.

[] We are using this coin for toss since…

[] I told you not to bring knife at-least on a game day.

[] We don’t endorse on 13th.

[] We don’t perform sports rituals .

[] We don’t talk to walls

[] We don’t believe in sports rituals .

[] I don’t pray before my event.

[] I don’t follow same sequence wearing my sports accessory.

[] Even toss does not matter to me.

[] We don’t let anyone to wear lucky accessory.

[] I don’t think my routine before event is stupidity.

[] We don’t believe a tiny change in performance can make difference between medal and none.

[] I don’t think my anxiety does anything with my performance.

All we say don’t but we do ! And on a game-day very strictly !

Three questions as to why astrology in sports planning

1.Are you happy with your current situation?

2.Are you missing something in your life?

3.Do you feel things are working as per your expectations?

Astrology has answers to your ‘no’ replies,

Astrology has power to see the invisible strengths.

Astrology makes impossible possible

Astrology makes the person know the invisible that you missed out.

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