Process that Works

It's like a Jigsaw Puzzle

You assemble yourself for big day. You start collecting piece by piece and start shaping your overall strategy. Every so often you are working on a section and can’t find the piece to complete that specific portion. It can be very frustrating. You arrange and rearrange the pieces but you just can’t find that missing one. Dear, it’s got to be in here somewhere. Same story goes with our sports planning and policy. Invisible gap of your current state and desired state start diminishing with the progress of action plan.
Program gives you a feeling of discovering a new state of joy. You will start experiencing difference between your earlier state and current state. You’ll get in shape,You’ll find a right way in rough growth path.

Many players and sports persons have changed from their current state to their desired, future state.


It's about search of sports tranquillity & success


Game-day experience is different

Game-day experiences were different, Same person performed with different power. Teams players, coaches found to be on right side, even with their eleventh hour challenges.
Sports business nowadays has become a very complex in nature, more demanding and most competitive. There are several problems to overcome with positioning brand, creating brand equity, paying premiums list is endless.

Again its needs to be accepted and expected by fans.

Mere tossing a good luck coin will not bring you a luck. Back it up with effective sports strategy with inclusion of sports astrologer’s recommendations based on your business analysis. Astrology speaks the language of stability, growth and thereby holding up the wealth.


Stabilizing effect

You might be university player, International athlete, federation, coach, League Owner, sports media, sports based Entrepreneur or anyone in need of innovative leap or anyone looking to take next step in career.

No matter what position, level, role you play in sport industry you can deliver with great impression in this constantly reshaping industry

All I needed is 30 minutes to understand your challenges and only six months of your life for OHHH Yeah effect !


Study has shown

Boosted performance By 50%

Time management

You ‘ll Learn the Challenge Urgent vs Important with schedule,priority and delegation

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Losing is hard, it is painful, it is humbling and, unfortunately, it is unavoidable in many instances.But yes they are not the final moments of our life.

Self awareness

You will understand your strengths and areas for improvement.And you ‘ll get deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

Unlocking the door to realizing true potential

You will be living a genuine life based on your true talents and abilities besides constraints

Sports Venture

Results have shown personalities,institutes,media houses pushed beyond boundaries .They have shown wise furtherance in sports activities,brand endorsement & lifestyle events.They are original and creative in thinking & achieved new levels of success with innovative partnerships.

Big picture strategy

Your strategic hankering into concrete reality ! its possible.You’ll be on right side ,even with your challenges.

Give me six months of your life, feel the difference

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